Babylon 5 : The Lost Tales – Voices in the Dark

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 The five seasons of the series each correspond to one fictional sequential year in the period 2258–2262. Each season shares its name with an episode that is central to that season’s plot. As the series starts, the Babylon 5 station is welcoming ambassadors from various races in the galaxy. Earth has just barely survived an accidental war with the powerful Minbari, who, despite their superior technology, mysteriously surrendered at the brink of the destruction of the human race (the Battle of the Line).

Season 1 – year 2258

During 2258, Commander Jeffrey Sinclair is in charge of the station. Much of the story revolves around his gradual discovery that it was his capture by the Minbari at the Battle of the Line which ended the war against Earth. Upon capturing Sinclair, the Minbari came to believe thatValen, a great Minbari leader and hero of the last Minbari-Shadow war, had been reincarnated as the Commander. Concluding that others of their species had been, and were continuing to be reborn as humans, and in obedience to the edict that Minbari do not kill one another, lest they harm the soul, they stopped the war just as Earth’s final defenses were on the verge of collapse.
It is gradually revealed that Ambassador Delenn is a member of the mysterious and powerful Grey Council, the ruling body of the Minbari. Towards the end of 2258, she begins the transformation into a Minbari-human hybrid, ostensibly to build a bridge between the humans and Minbari. The year ends with the assassination of Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago, and rising tension between the Narn and Centauri, after a Narn outpost is completely destroyed by an unknown third party.

Season 2 – year 2259

At the beginning of 2259, Captain John Sheridan replaces Sinclair as the military governor of the station. He and the command staff learn that the death of President Santiago was actually an assassination masterminded by Vice President Clark (who assumed the Presidency upon Santiago’s death). A conflict develops between the Babylon 5 command staff and the Psi Corps, an increasingly autocratic organization which oversees and controls the lives of human telepaths. Commander Ivanova, the second-in-command of the station, is secretly a latent telepath who has illicitly avoided registering with the Psi Corps.
The Shadows, an ancient and extremely powerful race who have recently emerged from hibernation, are revealed to be the cause of a variety of mysterious and disturbing events, including the attack on the Narn outpost at the end of 2258. Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari unknowingly enlists their aid through his association with the mysterious Mr. Morden in the ongoing conflict with the Narn. The elderly and ailing Centauri emperor, long an advocate of reconciliation with the Narn, dies suddenly while visiting Babylon 5. A number of conspirators, including Londo Mollari and Refa, take control of Centauri government by assassinating their opponents and placing the late emperor’s unstable nephew on the throne. Their first act is to start open aggression against the Narn. After full-scale war breaks out, the Centauri eventually conquer Narn in a brutal attack involving mass drivers, outlawed weapons of mass destruction. Towards the end of the year, the Clark administration begins to show increasingly totalitarian characteristics, clamping down on dissent and restricting freedom of speech. The Vorlons are revealed to be the basis of legends about angels on various worlds, including Earth, and are the ancient enemies of the Shadows. They enlist the aid of Sheridan and the Babylon 5 command staff in the struggle against the Shadows.

Season 3 – year 2260

The Psi Corps and President Clark, whose government has discovered Shadow vessels buried in Earth’s solar system, begin to harness the vessels’ advanced technology. The Clark administration continues to become increasingly xenophobic and totalitarian, and uses a military incident as an excuse to declare martial law. This triggers a war of independence on Mars, which had long had a strained political relationship with Earth. Babylon 5 also declares independence from Earth, along with several other outlying Earth Alliance colonies. In response, the Earth Alliance attempts to retake Babylon 5 by force, but with the aid of the Minbari, who have allied with the station against the growing Shadow threat, the attack is repelled.
Becoming concerned over the Shadows’ growing influence amongst his people, Centauri ambassador Londo Mollari attempts to sever ties with them. Mr. Morden, the Shadows’ human representative, tricks him into restoring the partnership by engineering the murder of Mollari’s mistress. Open warfare breaks out between the Shadows and the alliance led by Babylon 5 and the Minbari. It is learned that genetic manipulation by the Vorlons is the source of human telepathy, as it is later discovered that Shadow ships are vulnerable to telepathic attacks. Displeased at the Vorlons’ lack of direct action against the Shadows, Captain John Sheridan browbeats Vorlon ambassador Kosh Naranek into launching an attack against their mutual enemy. Kosh’s deeds lead to his subsequent assassination by the Shadows.
Upon returning to the station, former commander Jeffrey Sinclair enlists the aid of Captain Sheridan, Delenn, Ivanova and Marcus and convinces them to help him steal the Babylon 4 space station, intending to send it back in time 1,000 years to use it as a base of operations against the Shadows in the first Minbari-Shadow war. Undergoing the same transformation as Delenn at the end of Season 1, Sinclair transforms into a Minbari and is subsequently revealed to be the actual Valen of Minbari legend, rather than a reincarnation. Spurred by the reappearance of his assumed-dead wife (who now works for the Shadows), Sheridan travels to Z’ha’dum, the Shadow homeworld, in an attempt by them to recruit him. However he instead destroys their largest city in a kamikaze nuclear attack, and is last seen jumping into a miles-deep pit to escape the explosion. Garibaldi, during a fight with Shadow vessels, goes missing.

Season 4 – year 2261

In 2261, the Vorlons join the Shadow War, but their tactics become a concern for the alliance when the Vorlons begin destroying entire planets which they deem to have been “influenced” by the Shadows. Disturbed by this turn of events, Babylon 5 recruits several other powerful and ancient races (the First Ones) to their cause, against both the Shadows and the Vorlons. Captain John Sheridan returns to the station after escaping the destruction of Z’ha’dum, but at a price: barring illness or injury, he has only 20 years left to live. He is accompanied by a mysterious alien named Lorien who claims to be the oldest sentient being in the galaxy.
Hours before Sheridan’s return, Garibaldi is rescued back to the station, in rather dubious circumstances. He is markedly more paranoid and suspicious of other alien races and of Sheridan than he was before.
Centauri Emperor Cartagia forges a relationship with the Shadows. Londo Mollari engineers the assassination of Cartagia and repudiates his agreement with the Shadows. Londo kills Mr. Morden and destroys the Shadow vessels based on the Centauri homeworld, thus saving his planet from destruction by the Vorlons. Aided by the other ancient races, and several younger ones, Sheridan lures both the Vorlons and the Shadows into an immense battle, during which the Vorlons and Shadows reveal that they have been left as guardians of the younger races, but due to philosophical differences, ended up using them as pawns in their endless wars throughout the ages. The younger races reject their continued interference, and the Vorlons and Shadows, along with the remaining First Ones, agree to depart the galaxy forever.
After the Shadows are defeated Garibaldi leaves his post as security chief and works on his own as a “provider of information”. Garibaldi was actually abducted by the Psi-Corps at the end of Season 3 and re-programmed by Bester to provide information to him at the right time.
Minbar is gripped by a brief civil war. Garibaldi betrays Sheridan and arranges his capture. Garibaldi later reveals to Bester about a virus that is dangerous to only telepaths, which the Psi-Corps then destroys. Bester releases Garibaldi of his programming, and allows him to remember everything he has done since being kidnapped. Garibaldi helps to free Sheridan and return him to the campaign to free Earth. An alliance led by Babylon 5 frees Earth from totalitarian rule by President Clark in a short but bloody war. This culminates in Clark’s suicide and the restoration of democratic government. Mars is granted full independence, and Sheridan agrees to step down as commander of Babylon 5. The League of Non-Aligned Worlds is dissolved and reformed into the Interstellar Alliance, with Sheridan elected as its first President and continuing his command of the Rangers, who are to act as a galactic equivalent of United Nations peacekeepers.
In the season finale, the events of 100, 500, 1000, and one million years into the future are shown, depicting Babylon 5’s lasting influence throughout history. Amongst the events shown are the political aftermath of the 2261 civil war, a subsequent nuclear war on Earth involving a new totalitarian government in the year AD 2762, the resulting fall of Earth into a pre-industrial society, the loss and restoration of humanity’s knowledge of space travel, and the final evolution of mankind into energy beings similar to the Vorlons, after which Earth’s sun goes nova.

Season 5 – year 2262

In 2262, Earthforce Captain Elizabeth Lochley is appointed to command Babylon 5. The station grows in its role as a sanctuary for rogue telepaths running from the Psi Corps, resulting in a violent conflict. G’Kar, former Narn ambassador to Babylon 5, becomes a spiritual leader after a book was published that he wrote while incarcerated during the Narn-Centauri War. TheDrakh, former allies of the Shadows who remained in the galaxy, take control of Regent Virini on Centauri Prime through a parasitic creature called a Keeper, then incite a war between the Centauri and the Interstellar Alliance, in order to isolate the Centauri from the Alliance, and gain a malleable homeworld for themselves.
Centauri Prime is consequently decimated by Narn and Drazi warships, and Londo Mollari becomes emperor, accepting a Drakh Keeper under threat of the complete nuclear destruction of the planet. Portions of the end of his reign are seen in various time-travel sequences throughout the series; one such sequence shows Mollari and former nemesis (and later friend) G’Kar dying at each other’s throats in an act of mutual suicide. Vir Cotto, Mollari’s loyal and more moral aide, succeeds him as emperor, free of Drakh influence. Sheridan and Delenn marry and move to Minbar, along with the headquarters of the Interstellar Alliance.
Twenty years later, on the verge of death, Sheridan takes one final trip to the now-obsolete Babylon 5 station before its decommissioning. Sheridan apparently dies, but is claimed by the First Ones, who invite him to join them on a journey beyond the rim of the galaxy. The Babylon 5 station is completely destroyed in a planned demolition shortly after Sheridan’s departure, its existence no longer necessary as the Alliance has taken over its diplomatic purposes.

Cast : Bruce BoxleitnerTracy ScogginsPeter Woodward, Alan Scarfe   
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Battle Star Galactica : The Plan (2009)

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Set just after the destruction of the Twelve Colonies,the narrative largely follows multiple versions of the Cylon models One (Dean Stockwell) and Six (Tricia Helfer) who have infiltrated the remaining humans,[4] both on the planets, and those who have escaped into space. From there, the events of the series are shown from a Cylon perspective, and their underlying plan is revealed.

Edward James Olmos states: “When Battlestar fans see The Plan, they’re all going to have to go back and watch the entire series again.”

Tricia Helfer states that the disappearance of Shelly Godfrey in “Six Degrees of Separation” will be explained, and that the main viewpoint characters are John Cavil and Sam Anders.

IGN reports scenes including Aaron Doral preparing for the suicide bombing seen in “Litmus”, Anders in a Cylon resurrection chamber, and Cavil berating Boomer for failing to kill William Adama in “Kobol’s Last Gleaming”. In addition to Shelly Godfrey, there is a dark-haired Six, called “Tough Six” in the script.

A sneak peek was made available by Syfy on June 12, 2009, showing Cavil and Ellen Tigh during the events of “33”.

On October 10, 2009, the Battlestar Galactica DVD website was updated with a photo gallery and three clips from the movie, as well as information on the DVD features, showing that the uncut runtime is 112 minutes. The first clip shows Cavil, Leoben Conoy, Doral, Godfrey, and “Tough Six” meeting in the refugee fleet under the pretense of a group prayer session, to discuss their plan for eliminating the survivors. The second clip shows the nuclear attack on the Twelve Colonies and the Hybrid reporting on it to the Cylons in their Baseship. The third clip shows Cavil and Boomer discussing the botched assassination attempt on Adama.

On October 16, 2009, the Latino Review published an online review of the DVD and Blu-Ray of The Plan, with several pictures from the movie included. They report that the movie begins during Part II of “Lay Down Your Burdens”, with Caprica Cavil and Galactica Cavil due to be airlocked, then flashes back to tell their stories up to this point, starting two days before the Cylon Attack. The attack itself is shown in detail. While the Cavil on Galactica is committed to the destruction of humanity, there is a sympathetic Simon on Galactica with a human wife and adopted daughter. On Caprica, Anders’ resistance group is infiltrated by a Cavil and a Simon, but the Cavil has second thoughts about the genocide (in reverse of the situation on Galactica). The review also states that “Tough Six” sleeps with Galactica Cavil, that Boomer’s elephant figurines were used as a trigger to switch her into sleeper agent mode, and that Leoben paints the same image as the mandala in the Temple of Five and the paintings in Starbuck’s apartment.

Cast : Toni CollettePhilip Seymour HoffmanEric BanaBarry Humphries

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Merah Putih

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 Merah Putih adalah film bergenre fiksi sejarah yang mengambil latar temporal masa revolusi fisik pasca-1945. Berkisah tentang perjuangan lima kadet yang mengikuti latihan militer di sebuah kota di Jawa Tengah. Mereka, Amir (Lukman Sardi), Tomas (Donny Alamsyah), Dayan (Teuku Rifnu), Senja (Rahayu Saraswati), dan Marius (Darius Sinathrya), masing-masing punya latar belakang, suku, dan agama yang berbeda. Suatu ketika, kamp tempat mereka berlatih diserang tentara Belanda. Seluruh kadet kecuali lima sekawan itu dibunuh. Mereka yang berhasil lolos, bergabung dalam pasukan gerilya Soedirman di pedalaman Jawa.

 Merah Putih merupakan film Indonesia yang dirilis pada 13 Agustus 2009 yang disutradarai oleh Yadi Sugandi. Film ini dibintangi antara lain oleh Lukman Sardi, Donny Alamsyah, Darius Sinathrya, Zumi Zola, Teuku Rifnu Wikana, Rahayu Saraswati, Rudy Wowor, dan Astri Nurdin.

Film Merah Putih merupakan film trilogi perjuangan pertama di Indonesia. Film Merah Putih adalah cerita pertama dari rencana tiga film yang akan segera dibuat.

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KungFu Cyborg Metallic Attraction (2009)

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 It is the year 2046 where robots are created to serve man. De Ming (Alex Fong) is the first generation of AI android invented to protect the police workforce. Under the supervision of Xu Da Chun (Hu Jun), De Ming is put on a job training in a remote village where his real identity is not revealed. While working De Ming’s female colleague Su Mei (Betty Sun) falls in love with him, not knowing he’s a robot. One day De Ming and Xu Da Chun are assigned to capture a runaway robot K-88 (Jacky Wu). After a heavy battle K-88 explains his reason of escaping; he does not want to become a robot forever. Su Mei, meanwhile feels heartbroken as De Ming could not reciprocate her love for him as the robot could not understand the meaning of love. Later De Ming faces new challenge when a group of cyborg assassins has landed on Earth to terminate any defectors and he must defeat them..

Cast : Jun HuBetty SunLik-Sun FongWei Gan  
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